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One of the more recent graduates of your workshop just paid for the entire program. This lawyer just landed all of the patent and trademark business from a major company. The initial assignment is $60,000, with more to come. She attributes her success to you and your training program and coaching. Congratulations.

I received a standing ovation at a partners’ meeting and one of the things highlighted was your work and apparently my culpability in working with you. I’m getting blamed for your success.

Joan is very good at reading each attorney and figuring out what strategy will work best to motivate them to actually do what they say they’re going to do. She is able to find everyone’s comfort zone for business development and create ways for them to leverage it.

Joan is a fabulous listener. Undaunted by marketing hurdles and difficulties, she provides insightful and practical information to help you reach your marketing goals. She is very creative in her approaches, and makes marketing less intimidating and scary.

You are great at making sure attorneys are focused on their business development goals and focusing their energies on appropriate marketing resources; You continually challenge attorneys to expand their marketing activities into pertinent fields and try to meet and exceed their goals.

The activity level is up, more people are actively pursuing business relationships. New business from more professionals (other than the usual rainmakers) is coming in the door. The success of the program is palpable and measurable.

Thanks for your advice after the marketing workshop last week. As the enclosed transfer letter demonstrates, we ‘asked for the business,’ and got it at our meeting the following Monday (a $40,000 file!). Thanks again for the workshop as well as the specific suggestions on this presentation.

Your help and advice (and sense of humor) have been invaluable to me in thinking about practice development, for me, others as individuals, and my practice group. I am making progress (in both my thinking and my actions), and I owe a lot of the credit to your guidance.

I think your enthusiasm and talent make a great combination in your line of work. I have heard nothing but good feedback and I urge you to keep plugging away with our lawyers.

Thank you very much for a terrific presentation to our ‘Western’ offices in San Francisco. I really wish we’d had an extra day or at least a few more hours to go through the routines involving client interviews. After practicing law 21 years, I still don’t feel very skilled in the process, but I have actually used your techniques to some extent and I am very glad for the instruction.

The results of the client interviews you conducted were astounding. The information has helped enhance those key relationships, guide our strategic planning and raise awareness as to the importance of service throughout the firm. The time and effort was well worth it.

You have such a wonderful ability to be focused and concise and pack so much into a short period of time – something that we lawyers could certainly learn from.

Joan is a pragmatic coach who offers ideas and suggestions that really work.  She has numerous practical and efficient ideas on how to organize marketing efforts. Every time I meet with her, I come away with new ideas about how to hone my business development skills. Her help is invaluable.

I find you to be thoughtful, dedicated to client service, and personally warm and fun to work with.  I deeply appreciate your careful approach to coaching.  You earn trust and deliver a fantastic and rewarding experience.

You give me much more than just encouragement — although you give plenty of that and it’s quite helpful.  I also find that you have extensive experience and a broad base of knowledge about business development.  This allows you to understand my individual strengths and weaknesses, and plan strategies that allow me to play to my strengths — and overcome my challenges — as I work on building my practice.