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Who benefits most? Where is the best investment?

I help lawyers grow and shape their practices with ongoing business development coaching. In addition to expanding their business, clients say that my coaching helps them identify realistic opportunities, focus their efforts, maintain discipline and establish accountability.

Some professionals realize more impressive outcomes from coaching than others. The pyramid shown can help you decide where to invest your resources for the greatest ROI.

Rainmakers: Rainmakers have already figured out how to build a successful practice. Even so, some would like to do even better. These lawyers are motivated by the additional potential that professional coaching can tap and definitely warrant investment.

Receptive: Already successful business developers, these lawyers are hungry for better ways to boost revenue and profitability. They are establishing their professional “brand” and welcome systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Remedial: These lawyers use the “testing spaghetti” approach to business development: Throw it at the wall and see if it sticks. They belong to many professional organizations and will speak to any group that asks, but their efforts don’t net new business. Clearly motivated, these lawyers need focus and direction.

Unreceptive: These lawyers talk about the importance of marketing but make little real effort and may secretly disdain it. This is not a promising coaching investment opportunity.

Legal Technocrats: While they make valuable contributions to the firm, these narrowly-focused, technically proficient lawyers may not be the best candidates for coaching.

Business Development Coach Joan Autrey helps lawyers strategically build thriving practices. For details, contact Joan.