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As a result of business development coaching, my clients learn to:

  • Build stronger, more loyal client relationships. (increase retention and expansion of business)
  • Initiate a systematic, productive, and skillful approach to business development. (increase efficiency and effectiveness)
  • Acquire and retain interesting work. (increase satisfaction)
  • Gain more control over direction and growth of practice. (increase the quality of clients and work)
  • Contribute to strength of the firm and support of colleagues. (increase revenue and profitability)

In addition, my approach to business development coaching is dedicated to helping lawyers:

  • Approach every aspect of business development strategically.
  • Increase originations and revenue = increase compensation.
  • Focus, organize and prioritize business development efforts.
  • Be less random and more deliberate with business development efforts.
  • Establish an efficient, effective approach to business development .
  • Increase discipline and accountability.
  • Define and work toward your ideal practice.
  • Build effective business development habits.
  • Provide work for others.
  • Be less dependent on others for work.
  • Define and cultivate ideal client relationships.
  • Retain and increase work with existing clients.
  • Improve client satisfaction.
  • Develop client relationships that are enjoyable and satisfying.
  • Make conscious decisions about what not to do.
  • Have more control and independence over clients and work.
  • Improve career satisfaction.
  • Gain recognition at the firm and the esteem of colleagues.
  • Make a contribution to clients and the firm.
  • Increase confidence and competence with business development skills.
  • Cultivate a stronger, more pervasive business development culture for the firm.
Business Development Coach Joan Autrey helps lawyers strategically build thriving practices. For details, contact Joan.